I started my journey in Material Arts and Design at Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD University), originally training to be a goldsmith. After apprenticing with jewellers in Canada and Germany, I applied for an apprenticeship in the costume department of the Staatsoper Berlin (Berlin State Opera). I fell in love with costuming and sewing. I returned to OCAD and finished my degree in Material Arts and Design, specializing in metal, textile and ceramic design.

Driven by my renewed passion for costuming, I managed to make my way into the Toronto costume theatre scene, despite not really having relevant experience. Since then I have designed and made costumes for entire shows, toured North America with musical theatre as the head of wardrobe, designed for fringe shows, full musical productions and independent film.

I eventually transitioned to film and television, styling and costuming for everything from reality cooking shows, to movies, to comedy sketch shows. I’ve always maintained a love of sewing and materials, and have been lucky enough to work out of a local Toronto studio where I design and make custom costumes for film, television and theatre, as well as manufacturing products for local designers.

So why did I start making face masks? At the onset of Covid-19, I started out simply making masks for myself and my friends. I found that many of the masks available were not very comfortable or attractive, and wanted to create a viable alternative. Soon Torontonians started enquiring about the masks I was making - clearly I wasn’t the only person looking for comfortable, stylish face masks. That was the birth of Make More T.O.

I try to support fellow Torontonians in the production of my face masks, sourcing everything as locally as possible. All masks are 100% cotton, and 100% handmade by me.

Thank you for your support!