The 100% cotton Make More T.O. face masks are designed to offer maximum comfort. With shapeable nose wires and adjustable elastic, you are sure to get the perfect fit. Make More T.O. masks are also machine washable for your convenience.


Make More T.O. face masks are made from locally-sourced fabrics and materials, which means our designs are unique. Get your favourite before it’s sold out! It might be gone for good...


Make More T.O. masks are carefully sewn by a Toronto based Textile Designer. From fabric selection, to production, to packaging, each step of the process is done by hand.


T.O.gether, but responsible

Make More T.O. was started by a Torontonian with a background in costume and design in response to Covid-19 safety measures. After not finding face masks that ticked all her boxes, the designer decided to make reusable masks that were not only light and comfortable to wear, but also fun, quirky and chic.

Make More T.O. face masks are reusable, 100% cotton and 100% handmade. The breathable, lightweight masks have shapeable wire across the nose and adjustable elastic bands for finding the perfect fit. The masks consist of  three layers to offer maximum protection, with the 100% cotton outer layer and unbleached cotton inner layer forming a pouch for an additional interchangeable filter. For your convenience, the face masks are also machine washable.

Make More T.O. face masks are made from locally-sourced materials. This means that once sold out, a design might not become available again. New designs will be released all the time, so be sure to check back in regularly :)

Make More T.O. is a one-person show - from choosing materials to making the face masks, processing orders and shipping.

By supporting Make More T.O., you are supporting a proudly-Torontonian designer and artist.

Thank you for your support!


I work in the events industry, and was required to wear face masks even before the bylaw was passed. The Make More T.O. masks are definitely the most comfortable ones I’ve tried, and they look good.

Jess, Toronto

Wearing face masks are super annoying if you have glasses, but the Make More T.O. masks are surprisingly lightweight and breathable - even with glasses. I also like that the masks go underneath your chin for a comfortable fit.

Greg, Toronto

I’ve always tried to support local Toronto businesses. Make More T.O. face masks are good quality and comfortable. Definitely worth it.

Walter, Toronto

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